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Within the last few decades, small automakers are becoming more and more scarce. In fact, there are now only a few major corporations that own nearly all the emblems that you see above. With this trend, more cars’ attributes are blending into one another due to the sharing of parts, common designers overseeing multiple brands, and the overall need to save money/increase profit. It is unfortunate for the nostalgic automobile lovers that truly appreciate the unique aspects of the individual automakers. But there are good things to come out of this as well.

Technology is constantly adding amazing features to new vehicles. Large corporations can fund new research and inventions, then implement them straight into their cars. We are seeing more fuel efficiency, power, speed, safety features, and impressive gadgets as the years go on.

There are exceptions to this trend though. Tesla is a small company that’s trying to change the landscape of luxury cars by using completely electric engines. They also make electric parts for multiple other automakers that are trying to make headway in the electric car battle. We are all rooting for small, breakthrough automakers like Tesla.

All that being said, we hope our site helps you learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the current car companies in our world. Enjoy!

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